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GYP 300

Superb instruments that take digital pianos to a whole new level!

Galileo Digital Pianos proudly announces a new level in digital piano technology with it’s all new line up of YP digital pianos, including the exciting YP300G! With all new VEGA technology that produces an all new state of the art reproduction of superb piano and more

Galileo takes digital pianos closer to an acoustic piano, than ever before. You’ll find not only new cabinetry and enhanced amplification, but a new grand hammer action, that along with new MAF, mechanical action feel, duplicates the perfect feel of a real grand piano action.

All New VEGA technology

  • Versatile engine generator audio
  • MAP – mechanical acoustic feel
  • New large sample memory
  • New graded hammer action
  • Exclusive iMotion technology
  • Enhanced digital amplification
  • Newly designed cabinets
  • Incredible guaranteed reliability
  • The next generation of digitals
  • Available in Ebony Polish, Mahogany Polish, and White Polish