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Safety Ease

The Safety Ease Lid Assist mounts under the lid of the piano between the lid hinges and is compatible with most grand piano rims and it makes the task of simply raising or lowering a grand piano lid safe. When the piano lid is released for closing, it comes down with a dampening motion as it approaches the rim.  

The design has been engineered to help protect you as well as your piano from being damaged.  Its ebony polish and it requires no drilling will not damage your piano.  It can be easily removed and re-installed if needed. 


Here is why we recommend Safety Ease:

  • Protection from damage to your lid by accidentally falling close.
  • Great as a safety feature with children.
  • Ease of opening.
  • No heavy lifting to raise lid.
  • Open your piano for sound and aesthetic use.
  • Protects your guests during parties or events.


The Safey Ease Lid Assist carries a two year manufacturer’s limited warranty.


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