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Maintenance & Repairs

Pianos require various forms of maintenance for it to produce its best sound.  A lot of owners are unaware that maintenance is also important to the appearance of the piano as well.  Pianos are delicate by design and require an evaluation in order to diagnose the problems that may be affecting the overall sound and quality of the instrument.  

Many times the solution can be as simple as a paper clip falling into the key bed or as complex as voicing and regulation.  Our recommendations are designed to bring your piano to its full potential as well as help you with preventative measures to avoid future problems.  Together we can determine the best way to make your piano sing!

– Piano Cleaning – 
Pianos are finely crafted instruments and are considered by some to be a fine piece of furniture that could benefit from deep cleaning and polishing.  This should be done really carefully to avoid the introduction of any fluids into the piano’s interior.  Dust is also a major contributor to the deterioration of a piano and needs to be removed as dust will build up over time.

– Smoke/Water Damage –
We provide experienced and professional smoke and water remediation to pianos that have been damaged.  Pianos that have been in a fire or have sustained substantial smoke damage require special care in the cleaning and restoration process.